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Study Abroad

The need for overseas Education Consultant for Study Abroad Agency in Nigeria came into existence when the abroad Colleges and Universities discovered that it is quite bulky to treat applications from International Students. Research has shown that most of the applications from international students are not real rather a mere filling of Application Forms. Some students come across these schools online and decided to complete their application forms.

In most cases these students are not willing to Study Abroad or have the necessary requirement for study abroad. The institutions consider this as waste of time and resources to treat these huge number of applications from International Students. In this regard, Educational Institutions Abroad engage Study Abroad Agents by partnering with them to assist in screening the Students, counseling them in the area of their interest before application is made by the Agents.

This help has reduced the workload of the Foreign Institutions as they are aware that before a student’s application is made by the Study Abroad Agent in the student’s home countries the Agent would have done thorough job to see that the Student meet all requirement for Study Abroad.

Our Study Abroad Agency is structured to counsel, recruit and place students into foreign institution around the world. We cover the gap between the institutions and the students.
We designed a recruiting strategy for leading colleges and universities around the world towards the dynamic market of many African Countries. Every year we assist and facilitate the success of our students towards their school placement with international institutions.

We also offer Visa Advisory which is the bedrock in travel business. We guide our students in all areas towards the success of their student visa application.
We also act as liaison between the parents and the students who are already Studying Abroad. We also conduct follow up on the student’s academic performance.

Our partner Universities and Colleges are in Canada, United State of America (U.S.A), Australia, United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey, Cyprus, Germany, Netherlands and other countries.


  • Recent studies have shown that most students studying abroad perform better in flexibility, creativity and complex thinking.
  • Study Abroad students also achieve higher GPA because of the study environment and facilities for studies.
  • Study Abroad also enhance your career opportunity, learn other languages and experience another cultural heritage.
  • Study Abroad student also have the chances of meeting new people from different cultural background.
  • Study Abroad also boost your confidence and make you independent.

Our concern atIKOGWE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is to take you through all the process right from Admission Counseling, Student Admission, Visa Support, Pre-Departure Brief and most importantly Student resumption in their Study destinations. Our success stories can be attested from testimonials of some of our previous and current students.