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IELTS Training

IELTS is an International English Language Testing System that is used to access English proficiency of an applicant that is going for Study Abroad, Work Abroad, Migration and host of other assignment where English Language is required.
The demand for IELTS Test result is mostly required from citizen of countries where English is not recognized as their first Language.
The IELTS test are of various types:

  1. Standard IELTS Academics
  2. IELTS Academic for UKVI
  3. IELTS General
  4. IELTS Life Skills

The Standard IELTS Academics Test is an IELTS test taken by students going for studies in abroad destinations like Canada, United State of America (U.S.A), Australia, Netherlands and other abroad countries excluding the United Kingdom (UK) destination where IELTS Academic for UKVI is required.

IELTS for UKVI as the name implies is IELTS for UK Visas and Immigrations. This IELTS Academic for UKVI is made for those that are essentially going to study in the United Kingdom (UK) destination. There is no difference between the standard IELTS Academic and the IELTS for UKVI in terms of training. The only difference is that the IELTS Academics for UKVI Test are conducted under serene environment where additional gadgets are installed to supervise the conduct of the test taker during the test.

The IELTS Academics for UKVI is for students going to study in the UK destination and recommended for students who have not made decision on which destination they intend to study.
The IELTS Academics for UKVI is accepted in all the study destination while the Standard IELTS Academics is not accepted in the UK destination.

IELTS General Test are taken by those applicants who intend to apply for Canada and Australia Migration and also applicants who intend to pick-up a job employment in Abroad countries like Canada, Australia, United States of America and host of other countries.

IELTS Life Skill Test is taken by those applicants who intend to join their spouse in the United Kingdom (UK) either as a Husband or Wife whom the wife or Husband are Permanently settled in the United Kingdom (UK). This test is used to assess the communication of the test taker in Speaking and Listening. The essence of this test is to see the possibility of the applicant being able to interact with people in the UK on their arrival and during their stay.

The IELTS test either Academic or General are of four (4) bands namely;

  1. Writing
  2. Reading
  3. Speaking
  4. Listening

The IELTS Test can be delivered as Paper Based Test or Computer Based Test.
The advantage of the Computer Based Test is that you can choose the date of your test to suit your program and there are also more days to take the test in a month than the Paper Based Test. The test results are ready in 5 to 6 working days unliked the Paper based that takes Fourteen (14) days before the result is released.

The advantage of the Paper Based Test is that it is available in more Cities and states in Nigeria while the Computer Based are in few Cities.
Ikogwe International Limited has an IELTS Training Centre in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.
Our IELTS Training Centre in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria is centrally located in the heart of Benin where you can easily access us. Our learning Environment is serene and conducive.

We have British Council accredited trained instructors who deliver the training to ensure that student come out excellently well. Our classes are interactive and students are able to know what they are likely to score on their test day. We also set mock test for our trainees to determine their performance before the test proper. You can be rest assure to get the best IELTS Preparation in our IELTS preparation Centre in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Our IELTS Training Centre in Benin City can deliver classes to you irrespective of your location.

Our British Council IELTS Accredited Instructors are available at all time to answer your queries.
The IELTS test in Nigeria is delivered by British Council and IDP Australia. Tests are conducted for test takers about twice in a month depend on the city across Nigeria either through British Council or MOD IELTS a representative of IELTS IDP Australia.