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Engr. Anthony F. Ikogwe

Engr. Anthony F. Ikogwe

Taught of establishing this Travel Agency came to my mind in 2006 when I was in London, United Kingdom. I observed in London that living abroad without the right traveling documents or immigration status is like enslaving oneself.

The life in other abroad countries like Canada, United States America (U.S.A), Germany, Belgium, Australia, Netherlands and other abroad countries are almost alike to that of the United Kingdom.
It is in my findings that in all abroad countries, living as an Illegal Immigrant reduces your chances of living properly; you live in hiding, you live in fear, you live as an impostor, you do odd jobs and therefore your values to these countries are not recognized.

No matter how intelligent and hardworking you are, you can never come out to the open. The fact that you are there illegally, the chances of legalizing yourself becomes extremely difficult. In most cases you have to go into Contract Marriage where you have to pay your contracted spouse a good sum of money before they will agree to file for you as a spouse in other to be legal. This process takes so many years to materialize.

I came back to Nigeria from London, United Kingdom to establish IKOGWE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Ikogwe International Limited is a Travel Consultants company, established to assist people in Travels and Tours, Study Abroad, IELTS Training, Migration, Visa Advisory and Airline Ticketing.

It is with my great pleasure to say we have assisted and facilitated the travels of hundreds of Nigerians to travel abroad with Visitor’s Visas, Student’s Visas, Work Permits, Migration and Permanent Resident platforms.

Engr. Anthony F. Ikogwe
Managing Director
Ikogwe International Limited
T. +234806 326 0409